Frequently Asked Questions


The Basics

When is Poppir Place open?

Availability to book a pop-up space in Poppir Place can be found on Poppir Place is available 24/7 for booking. Our typical pop-up hours are 11am-6pm. Gaea Juice is an anchor pop-up in the store with extended morning hours.


Where is Poppir Place located?

Poppir Place is located at 1501 M Street NW, right in the heart of Washington, D.C. It is one block from the Dupont and Logan Circle neighborhoods and an easy walk from the McPherson Square and Farragut North Metro stops.


Who are the Brands associated with this place?

Poppir Place is an on-demand pop-up shop for anything you can imagine. It's an environment for digitally native brands to showcase their products. Whether you're an established company or a newly minted business looking to dip your toes in the water, our space has all the trappings of a successful offline home (Think: high ceilings, ample natural light, and free-flowing espresso). In other words--a blank canvas that will help you bring your ideas to life and create (highly instagrammable) brand moments for consumer engagement.


Whether this is your first pop-up, or you pop-up regularly, Poppir Place is for you.


What type of foot traffic is expected?

M Street is in the heart of D.C. with lots of organic foot traffic. While each day varies, and day of the week and seasonality will play a role, our store is in a great location for people to visit.  1501 M Street's Walk Score is "A Walker's Paradise" at 97/100 with a Transit Score of 100/100. There is an office building above with over 200 tenants, so visitors are built right in.  Please note that Poppir is not held responsible for providing or guaranteeing any foot traffic on the day(s) you are active in your pop-up shop.


Why should I popup in Poppir Place?

Poppir Place is a new offline experience for building your brand. It will allow your brand to reach new audiences, increase sales, and build relationships by engaging consumers and creating memorable brand moments. Your brand will be at the forefront and will allow you to interact with new customers. Want access to your own shop space each month? Become a member


How will I pop-up in Poppir Place?

Simply sign in to your account and ask to book Poppir Place. Vetted and qualified brands will get a blank canvas of about 64 square foot (approximately 8’ x 8’) space to create a unique pop-up shop for customers. If you'd like more space, just book 2 bays, or the whole place for an experiential event.

Renting a Bay

Will I need to provide any form of insurance?

Yes. Each brand needs to carry their own insurance. This is for everyone's protection. If you don't have insurance, it is easy to get. Just shoot us a message and we can guide you through that process.

Will I need to obtain any permits?

You will always be responsible for making sure you have the required permits and license for the type of product you are offering or popup you are producing.  Please be sure all  local/state/federal government rule/requirements are obtained. This is your responsibility.


What are the requirements for my brand to book at Poppir Place?

We will ask for your business description and examples of what you will be selling. Providing your website, any past popups, and brief use of space will also be requested.


Will I need to sign a contract?

If you are applying for a Pop Membership, yes, you will be given an agreement to review and sign for the contract term chosen.


If booking a Bay Rental ala carte through, you simply need to agree to our rules and regulations provided on the specified Bay Rental listing located on the website. They are provided by a link within our space rules. Just review them and click that you’ve agree to them.

I’ve booked space at Poppir Place already, do I have to apply again?

Sort of. For Pop Members, you have already been verified as a business and are not required to apply for space. Please refer to the booking calendar tool with your assigned login information to search available days for reserving a bay at Poppir Place.

If booking space ala carte, you will still need to apply for available dates on the calendar through and submit your request. However, as long as there were no discrepancies from your prior occurrence and all requirements are still met, approval should take less than 24 hours.



Set Up/Break Down

What is my setup/breakdown process?

We will provide the full process and instructions after your payment is complete. The basic timeline is retail store hours are 11am and closes at 6pm. (Saturday 12pm to 5pm) Setup can start as early as 9:00am and take down will begin at 6pm (Saturday 5pm).

Where should I load/unload for the Pop-up?

Most cars pull up next to the bike lane with flashers on and quickly unload/load directly into the store’s front door. Please be as quick as possible. If you have larger items that need more time for loading/unloading, let us know with at least 48 hours notice before your popup, and we can work out an alternate plan on a case by case matter.


Do I need to stay for the entire standard popup hours?

Yes. All bays must remain intact, staffed and open for business until the store closes at 6:00 pm. Early bay breakdown is not allowed. Poppir Place Management will be documenting any early breakdowns.

How will I get into Poppir Place store?

You will be provided with the details of how to enter the store after payment. There are many local parking garages . Your confirmation receipt will include all of the specifics.

Where is my Pop-up location within the store?

Your specific pop-up location within the store will be dependent on the spaces available at the time you book. Your space will be marked with your brand the day of your popup.



Is there parking? If so, where and how do I access it?

Yes, there are several parking options around the building. We highly recommend using the PMI parking garage located at 1156 15th street NW. If you get there before 10 am, you will get a discounted daily rate of $13.00. DO NOT PARK in the garage located next to our retail shop as they close at 7:00 pm and you will NOT be able to access your vehicle until the next business day. 


Get garage parking secured in advance

Use SpotHero either on the web or through their mobile app and get $7 off your first parking reservation!

Sign-Up on SpotHero

About My Space

How much room will I have?

All Pop Memberships receive a standard bay (about 64 square foot). If booking ala carte, Poppir Place has modular spacing ability, so if you would like to book a bigger area for you popup, or the whole place for your brand, that is an option on a case by case basis as availability permits. 

How tall are the ceilings?

The bay height restriction is 120” (10 feet). The ceilings are an open loft feeling, but the wall height ends at 10’ so that is the maximum height of any type of staging.

May I attach anything to the walls of my Pop-up space?

There are two 36” shelves at the back of each bay for display. If you have something you want attached to the wall of your bay, please contact your Poppir account manager ahead of time so we can work on a case by case basis. Poppir Place reserves the right for all final decisions on any wall display or not.

What are the signage requirements for my brand within Poppir Place?

Your are allowed (1) one brand sign for your bay. Size must be no larger than 20" by 20" and must be placed on 1 of your 2 back shelving units. If your bay does not include a back shelving unit, it may be mounted on the back dry wall with a non-destructive adhesive (such as command strips)

Are there set up rules?

Yes. Please keep the front of your bay open; tables may be set up either on the side or the back of your bay but not across the front. We want customers to be able to walk into your bay area to be more inviting and allow flowing walkways. We’d also like the experience of the bay to feel more like your own micro shop not a booth.

What amenities are included?

You can view a list of our amenities here


What will I need to provide on my own?

Brands are responsible for providing their fixtures, tables, chairs, & decor to define your space. Your space will be defined with a unique marking. This will be on your booking confirmation.

To allow flow of shoppers, we ask that any table be placed on the back or side of your space (but not in front of your space).

Do I need to provide staffing for my pop-up experience?

Yes. You will provide your own coverage or personnel you hire to cover for your brand.

We do have companies we work with that offer such service. If you’d like a resource, just let us know.

Can I leave my stuff overnight if I am popping up consecutive days?

Yes, in most cases. Poppir is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items.

Is there storage?

No. You should plan on storing all items you bring wthin your own bay during your Pop. You can hide them under a table with table cloth if that is part of your set-up.


Pop Membership Questions

How does the Pop Membership work?

Qualified brands that have signed on to become part of the Pop Member community receive the following benefits:


Locked-In Monthly Rate, Guaranteed

For Starters, members receive a guaranteed monthly rate at the choice of either 1,3,5,or 7 days for 6 months.  The longer a commitment, the better the monthly rate. Members can also receive an additional discount when they choose the pay-in-full option. Ask a Membership Manager


Flexible shop space, on-demand  

Each member receives the credits per month that match their package to apply towards booking space. 1 credit is worth 1 bay rental for 1 business day. Members book can book any available day during the current booking month instantly. Please note: credits DO NOT rollover into future months but do replenish every 30 days. If you wish to receive additional credits to your account please speak with a Membership Manager.


Full-Access the Poppir Place Network

Join the community! Members get to find and connect with other members. Collaborate and book pop-ups together in the shop. Build long lasting partnerships.

Is there an approval process in order to join the community?

Yes. Once you register and complete your business profile on our team will review your business.  We may have a few more questions you’ll need to answer. Should you be a fit we will reach out to you within 1-3 business days.

Will I need to sign a contract?

Yes, you will be given an agreement to review and sign based on the fixed rate and term chosen.

How much does it cost to participate?

Pop Membership pricing (which you can view here) is generated by Poppir's proprietary dynamic pricing engine that takes into account several pricing sensitivities. Prices are subject to change at any time, however, the rate advertised during the activation of your membership is a guaranteed fixed rate for a fixed period of time (time frame is based on your package selection.)



How will I pay?

Brands approved for their Pop Membership will be instructed for payment by their membership manager via credit card. The card on file will be charged on the 15th of every month preceeding the Pop month to allow booking. First payment will be prorated for memberships that begin later in the month in not all Pops fit.

What if I missed a monthly payment?

If we have not received a monthly payment from you, you will receive a non-payment notice on the 1st of the Pop month along with a 10% late fee charge. If we do not receive payment from you during the month, you will continue to receive non-payment notices.  Should time lapse of non-payment into the proceeding calendar month, your membership will be deactivated and you will be billed for the outstanding balance. If you believe you have received a late payment notice in error and you have already remitted payment, please send proof of your bank payment confirmation to the Billing team or your Membership Management team.  Should you wish to re-activate your membership, the outstanding balance must be paid in full and a new contract will be issued at the current rate offered. Questions

Who is Poppir?

Poppir is an online marketplace that connects brands to space, short-term.

How much does it cost to participate?

Pricing for booking a bay direct on is generated by Poppir's proprietary dynamic pricing engine that takes into account several pricing sensitivities. Prices are subject to change at any time, however, Brands that become members through the Pop Membership program receive a guaranteed fixed rate for a fixed period of time. It’s best to secure your place in advance.

Is there an approval process in order to be selected?

Yes. Once you register and complete your business profile on our team will review your business.  We may have a few more questions you’ll need to answer. Should you be a fit we will reach out to you within 1-3 business days.

How will I pay?

Brands approved for their Pop Membership will be instructed for payment by their membership coordinator via credit card. For all other bookings, once your rental request is approved, you will be prompted to pay with a credit card through via an email notification and/or SMS text message.

How many Brands will be participating at a time?

There are up to 8 brand slots available every day.   If you need more than one bay, you can book adjoining ones. Our space is modular so we can accommodate the size you require if it is larger than an individual slot. Currently, Maikai Coffee is an anchor spot in one of the bays, so there are 7 additional bays available.

How do I sign up?

First you will need to create an account on  Once you are logged in, choose Poppir Place as your location and search the dates you want to pop-up. 

When will I find out if I can move forward to pop-up?

Within 24 hours after we have received all your information.

Can I pop-up for more than one day?

Yes. In fact, the more days you pop up from the same booking, the better the value.

How can I work with Poppir in the future?

If you would ever like to pop-up in the future for one day or one week, use our platform to connect with Poppir Place, or other shops and spaces on our website. Additionally you can contact us at or via our Live Chat with any questions. 


Who will promote Poppir Place?

It is up to you to market your own pop-up and let your followers and current audience know when and where you will be popping up.  Poppir Place will be marketed overall, but not specific brands.

Will I be in charge of my own marketing?

Yes. We will also give you approved marketing material that includes Poppir Place branding and official hashtags and social media handles. These will be included with your booking confirmation material.


What is the Cancellation Policy & Refund process?

All Poppir Place sales are final. Depending on availability, we can issue you a credit to use on a future available pop-up date if there are extenuating circumstances.

Is my booked date guaranteed?

We expect to honor the initial date(s) booked. Spaces booked could be subject to be moved based on overall store plans. If so it’s to optimize your pop-up shop experience. We’ll give you notice and options to find a date that works for you if a shift is necessary.


General Questions

Is there someone at the store during my popup I can talk with if I have problems during the event?

While there will be a Poppir Place manager, he/she may not always be on the premises. Please contact your assigned Poppir team member who will work fast to resolve any issues that arise. The Poppir Place Store contact number is 240.623.1674.


Will Poppir take a percentage of my sales made on the premise?

No, you are only paying for the space. 


What if I have specific questions about Poppir Place?

You can go to your account and inquire through our message center.


If I accumulate trash, do I have to take it with me at the end of the day?

If you have more than a garbage bag full of trash, yes, please take it with you and dispose of properly. If you only have a couple of items like a coffee cup or small lunch bag, please dispose of it in the garbage cans within Poppir Place. Specific rules for garbage and recycling will be posted in Poppir Place to follow.